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Kanile’a Ukuleles

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Kanile’a Ukuleles

KSPT Tenor Ukulele

Ukulele Hawaii

Kanile'a Ukuleles

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With awesome wood selections, Koa top, sides and book-matched back with a mahogany neck, you’d have to be blind not to see that this is one gorgeous ukulele.  Likewise, the cut-out head stock, Gilbert tuners and sand logo inlays are a really nice touch.

This ukulele plays as good as it looks. It has a very precise neck. The fret work and the action are excellent. When we put a tuner on it we found the intonation to be nearly perfect throughout the entire neck.

When recording, we found that it performs as well as it looks. Its sound is warm but not muddy. It has nice high frequencies without becoming thin. This ukulele maintained a good balance of volume and tune on each string, even on the higher register of the neck.

This is one first class ukulele!

Kanile’a Ukuleles KSPT Tenor Ukulele

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