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Troy Fernandez

Hawaiian Style Ukulele      V089

Hawaii's Na Hoku Hanohano award winner, Troy Fernandez, whose lightning fast

picking and innovative style were instrumental in generating the ukulele renaissance of the early 90s, is one of Hawaii's most influential “voices” in contemporary island music.  

Troy Fernandez, “Hawaiian Style Ukulele” celebrates the wonders of the tiny four stringed instrument as this world renowned ukulele master performs traditional and

contemporary treasures, “Ka'aahi Kahului,” “Pua Lilia,” “Nani Kaua’i,” “Heha

Waipi'o,” Waipehe ’e,” “Lovely Hula Hands,” “My Little Grass Shack in Kealakekua

Hawaii,”  “Maori Brown Eyes,” “Blue Hawaii,” “Wahine 'Ilikea,” “Maui Hawaiian

Suppa Man,” “Waimanalo Blues,” “E Ku'u Morning Dew,” “Guava Jam,” “Hawaiian

Soul,” and more, all in pure “Hawaiian Style.”

Troy Fernandez, “Hawaiian Style Ukulele” A "must have" for anyone interested in the ukulele and Hawaiian music.

Troy Fernandez Hawaiian Style Ukulele

1 Ka’aahi Kahului

2 E Ku’u Morning Dew


4 Nani Kaua’i-Guava Jam

5 Lovely Hula Hands-My Little Grass Shack  In Kealakekua Hawaii

6 Maui Hawaiian Suppa Man

7 Wahine Ilikea-Waimanalo Blues

8 Heha Waipio

9 Waipahe’e-Maori Brown Eyes

10 Hawaiian Soul

11 Blue Hawaii

Troy Fernandez

Troy Fernandez Hawaiian Style Ukulele


How a uke should sound!!!,

By Curly Koa "uke fan" (Seattle, WA United States) I have been a fan of the ukulele since growing up in Hawaii and hearing some really good players. IZ of course is a favorite with his ability to make a few clear notes have so much feeling. Troy in this CD captures some really great uke playing and has the ability to have a lot of flourish without going over the top(easy to do I guess). There is good feeling with some very complex playing. I would highly recommend this to someone new to the uke as well as those who have loved it for many years.


Great uke solo album,

By leilei (Honolulu HI) The guy's got this awesome fast picking & cording style! This album is one of my favorite ukulele albums, I play it very often while working. He covers most Hawaiian classic songs with his unique arrangements. Among uke players it's common to hear of playing a song "troy fernandez style". FYI You can see him performing in Waikiki by the Moana Surfrider quite often (plenty of videos on youtube).

Troy one awesome talent bruddah!,

By Ahnko Honu "Beach Boy" (Kailua, Hawai'i) Been a fan of the Ka'au Crater Boys for years and when they parted ways I was disappointed but this CD has brought me back to the great sounds of Troy Fernandez. Anyone looking for that true Hawaiian 'ukulele sound has got to purchase this album. Mahalo Troy!  

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Troy Fernandez

Hawaiian Style Ukulele

Hawaiian Style Ukulele Troy Fernandez Ukulele Music
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