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Islander MT4


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Islander Ukuleles

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The Islander MT4 Tenor, imported by Kanile’a Ukulele of Hawaii, is an entry level ukulele made of mahogany. Priced around $150, made in China under the direction of Kanile’a’s Joe Souza, this is an entry level ukulele. To be honest, most ukuleles in this price range are substandard in that they won’t tune, or if you are able to get them in tune, the intonation is so bad you can’t play them.  Surprisingly, this ukulele has none of these problems. In fact tuning was easy and the intonation was really good throughout the neck. The neck was properly set up so the action is nice and the fret work is pretty consistent. The folks at Kanile’a inspect each ukulele thoroughly before shipping, and it shows.

When recording the Islander we were surprised once again as it sounded pretty good for an all mahogany ukulele. Obviously it does not have the range or sound of a high priced instrument, but it did sound quite good. If you’re looking for an entry level ukulele the Islander MT4 is the one.

Islander MT4 Tenor Ukulele

Islander MT4 Tenor Ukulele

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