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Islander FMARM 4-T Ukulele

Ukulele Hawaii

Islander Ukuleles

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Troy Fernandez Plays a Kanile’a Ukulele

With an attractive finish, The Islander FMSARM T4 is what you would expect from Kanile’a Ukulele.  Maple bindings and a cut-out head stock are a nice addition.  Although priced at around $650.00, this is still considered an entry level/semi-pro ukulele. The neck is excellent, tuning is very good, and the arm rest cut-out is comfortable.  An added plus is its excellent intonation which is not normally found in ukuleles in this price range.

When recording we found it did pretty well. It had a bit of a boxy mid range tune but this could easily be EQ’d out.  For video demonstrations, we don’t use any EQ so the listener will hear the true sound of the ukulele.  Over all this is a very nice instrument.

Islander Ukuleles FMSARM T4

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